Ice Age Alive – Experience the Epic Adventure Ever in Kuala Lumpur

Have you ever wondered how the Ancient Beasts will be and how epic they are? Did you know that there is a place where you can visit all the Ice Age Beasts come to life?. Yes, There exists a place where you see all the Beasts in Ice Age era come to life in Kuala Lumpur.1

Ice Age Alive is an exhibition opened recently in Kuala Lumpur besides Malaysia Tourism Centre (MATIC). It showcases all the extinct creatures who roamed the earth millions of years ago. This is a place where you find the earth’s coldest period and megafauna back to life.3

Imagine if you want to travel back in time and explore all the ancient millennia animals in one place what would you do?… I think you will definitely go to that places and visit all the creatures exists in that period of time.2

Ice Age Alive is one of the best exhibition i have ever seen in my life. It makes you believe that you are in a world which exists solely to see these creatures in life. This is where you will see a lot of Ice Age Beasts come to life. The Beasts which you will find in this exhibition are from across the world from America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.5

From Giant Mammoth’s to Saber-Toothed Tigers, you will explore an immersive world with an immense knowledge of the animals in the Ice Age Era. When you go near to the T-Rex or Rhino or any other animal, it senses your presence and comes to life. Don’t Play with Beasts, they gonna bite you until nothing left.4

Several Fun Activities included in this Ice Age Alive theme park typically for the kids under the age 12 years.

Fun Activities which included in the Exhibition are:

  1. Ice Skating Rink
  2. Jumping Castles
  3. Snow Pool (Artificially made and 100% safe for Children – International Certified)
  4. Sand Art
  5. Interactive Entertainment & Video Documentaries
  6. Games & Amusement Activities
  7. Fun Photo Booth

The Earth’s Coldest Period is an interesting topic where children should focus on learning the history of the animals and how they became extinct. Schools can bring their students to teach about the ice age period and show how the animals look before they became extinct. Out of seven, three activities have to be paid separately inside the exhibition for Snow Pool, Sand Art and Ice Skating Rink.

Ticket Price:


  • MyKad Holders (Malaysian) – RM 29.50
  • Foreigners (Non-Malaysian) – RM 45.00

Children (3 Years – 12 Years):

  • MyKad Holders (Malaysian) – RM 19.50
  • Foreigners (Non-Malaysian) – RM 35.00
  • Below 3 Years – Free

Family Package (2 Adult + 2 Children):

  • MyKad Holders (Malaysian) – RM 85.00
  • Foreigners (Non-Malaysian) – RM 110.00


  • Opening Hours: 10.00 A.M – 7.00 P.M
  • Opening Days: Tuesday – Sunday & All Public Holidays.

You can book the tickets through online by clicking here – Online Ticket

You will never get the opportunity to visit this kind of exhibitions in all the places. Ice Age Alive is offering the chance to visit all the extinct creatures of million years old age animals to see live in Kuala Lumpur. Staff at the Exhibition are very friendly and flexible in the exhibition.


Grab this opportunity to visit this exhibition before it closes. The Exhibition will be opened until the end of December 2018.

For more information about offers Ice Age is providing, please contact the numbers given below.

Office Phone: +60321706333 / +60321706222.
Sales Executive: +60172096127.

How to reach:

Ice Age Alive is located near the MATIC (Malaysia Tourism) which is approximately 10 min walk from Petronas Twin Towers – KLCC. Free buses (GOKL) are available to reach this place in city centre. To reach this place, you need to hop on GOKL Green Line and get down at MATIC or else you need to get on GOKL Blue line and hop off at Concorde Hotel stop. Once you are at the Concorde Hotel stop walk from there to MATIC, it will take around 10 min to reach the place.

To reach the nearby place by Monorail or LRT or MRT, Click on the links to find out the map for trains to reach the nearby station.

  1. Monorail Station – Bukit Nanas.
  2. Kelana Jaya Line LRT – Dang Wangi or KLCC.



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