The Beauty of Tropical Paradise in Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas)

For those who are unfamiliar with this place, Pulau Kapas (Kapas Island) is a hidden tropical paradise on the east coast of Malaysia. Beautiful white sandy beaches, crystal blue water, relaxed vibe are the main traits of the gorgeous Kapas island.

Kapas Island is indeed less crowded in the early seasons and a great alternative to the Perhentian Islands. It has a strange power to keep you on the island for the longest time than imagined. Kapas is the most alluring and relaxing places you will ever visit in the islands of Malaysia.9

Malaysians call this island as Cotton Island referring to its white beaches. People always forget to check the small islands around Malaysia, this hidden treasure is still unknown to many within the country. Though Kapas is a small island, beaches and clear water makes it speechless when you arrive at the island.3

Pulau Kapas has total 6 Beaches around, which are connected with the bridges along the line. You can walk from one end to another within 40 minutes on the seashore. It’s not a rich and fashionable place with expensive restaurants. You may not be able to find much electricity and internet connection in this island. Kapas Island is the perfect holiday escape for the people who want a more secluded beach vacation.1

People who want to do some jungle trekking, there are two places where you can trek through the jungle to the other side of the island. The trek will be around 2.5km approximately in a circuit walk. It’s a slow going trek and very short around the whole island. One needs to start this trek from the archway to Turtle Valley by heading up the stairs and take a left when you see the sign towards the upstairs and follow the signboards.7

Travellers mainly visit this place for relaxation, sunbathing, diving, kayaking, fishing and especially snorkelling as the corals around the Kapas island are very beautiful. You can rent snorkelling equipment at very less cost around 10RM – 15RM per day. It has few excellent dive sites where you can spot a countless fish species, sea turtles and Japanese shipwreck. Aquasport is the only diving centre on Kapas island which is operating. Corals on the island must be untouched while you are on the water. Avoid coral reefs and potential punctures from sea urchin when there is a low tide.5

The Sunset was Spectacular to see during the evening time on Kapas island. March and September are the best time to visit the Kapas island. Usually, they close the island from October to February to avoid the severe weather conditions for visitors. Even the staff from the island move to the mainland to avoid the weather conditions on rainy seasons due to high tides.4

Very few resorts are on the beaches spread throughout the Kapas island. There is a campsite available at the Captain Longhouse place. if you ever go camping, Longsha Campsite is the best campsite for travellers and backpackers for less cost around 10RM – 15RM. If you stay for a long time, take enough food for your needs before you reach the island, cooking is allowed in the Longsha Campsite. Food and drinks are bit expensive on the island. Take Mosquito Repellent along with you, since there are so many mosquitoes wandering around the island to taste the human skin. Make sure to take enough cash before you reach the Kapas island because of no ATMs or Currency Exchanges around the island.6

With its natural beauty still intact and maintaining the lush greenery on the island, Kapas is the best destination among the islands you have visited so far.

How to Reach:

Kapas Island is located on 6km off the coast of Marang near Kuala Terengganu. You need to reach Terengganu by bus or flight. Once you reach Terengganu, you can either come by local bus or take a taxi ride from the bus terminal to Marang Jetty (Not Merang).

Local Buses are available from Kuala Terengganu, it costs around 2.50 – 3.00 RM which will take around 20 min to reach the marang stop. There is no direct bus to anywhere else other than Terengganu, so you need to return via the same bus to Kuala Terengganu bus terminal and go from there to other places as you wish.

Once you reach the marang bus station, walk towards marang jetty place and take a ticket to Kapas island, where it costs 30RM – 40RM (Including Return ticket – open date). There is a schedule for Boats to Kapas island in and around, the ferry will move on those timings only. Make sure to tell the ferry guys that you will be coming back from Kapas island on this date and timings so that they will be on schedule to pick you up.

To know more details about how to reach the Kapas Island. There is also an Ultimate Guide to Pulau Kapas from the blogger Jones.


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