Weekend at Kanching waterfalls near Kuala Lumpur

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Kanching waterfalls is to sit below the cascade of water drops. Waterfalls drop from a massive height of minimum 120 metres with accompanying gushing sounds. This fall is made up of 7 levels, each with different heights and tiers.6

It’s the closest waterfalls near to Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, you can reach this place within 30 min. This place is also called as Templer’s park jungle waterfalls. When at Kanching waterfalls, a leisurely nature walk is a must for everyone. It’s one of the finest and most pristine pieces from the natural collection of Kanching Rainforest and Recreational Park in Kuala Lumpur.5

This park is a very popular spot for hiking, camping, swimming, picnics and jungle walking are perfectly suited for families and kids especially on weekends. Even though it’s not very clean at the waterfalls, it would be wise to take the kids there for their weekend trips.

Swimming is possible in some of the levels, but don’t take a picture while taking a romantic swim- there will be plenty of other people dipping in the water and joining in. You can also walk through the bridges and steps to cross the levels of waterfalls, a real uphill slog, but result in beautiful ways.10

It’s possible to trek through the recreational park to the top of 7 tiered waterfalls in around 15-30 min, but organise a friendly trip in advance and start early to choose the best level in waterfalls for you. Waterfalls are surrounded by tall trees and are accompanied by thorny bushes that impart the place a beauty of its own kind.

You can even do abseiling at these waterfalls while using safety instructions governed by instructors. A lower level of waterfalls is always packed with people than the upper level, as you ascend to the upper-level crowd gradually reduces and gives a more space to enjoy the waterfalls.2

When you are walking uphill to the waterfalls beware of the monkeys, some of them are calm even though better take care of our things when they are nearby. Some monkeys are so aggressive for the food and just like that they will steal it from your mouth. Please keep this place clean as to so many visitors are coming to see this waterfalls on weekends and throwing the garbage wherever they stand. Better environment makes better health conditions for everyone.0

For entrance to the waterfalls, local and foreigners have different prices and it costs around 2-5RM for an individual. Make sure to get to the waterfalls by going early most of the huts located in the waterfall places are taken by the various group of people. Be careful of thefts and robberies, leave someone to take care of your things when you are not around.

Finally, the gushing water from the stream of sounds and flow creates an illusion of milk flowing through the mountains.

How to Reach:

Kanching waterfall is approximately 30 KM from the Kuala Lumpur and 13 KM from Rawang via Jalan Selayang-Rawang. There is no public transportation to this place at all. You can follow this location to visit this waterfalls. One more fall named Sungai Pisang (banana waterfalls) nearby to Kanching waterfalls. If you want to go this falls, it would be easy to go along with our friends by car.


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