Places to Visit in Putrajaya,Kuala Lumpur

What do you say when someone asks about Putrajaya?… It’s worth visiting this place atleast once and the city is made up of beautiful Buildings, Bridges, Mosques, Parks and Government offices with a different type of elegant architectures. Not many people you can see on the streets in Putrajaya except on weekends. This place is completely like barren lands with no people and only buildings live here. Even though that is true, you have to accept that this place mesmerizes your understanding of the city when you are in Putrajaya.


It might not be the exciting place, but its landscape and architecture sure are pretty to look and have a picture. It is a city recently constructed where all the government officials live. This city offers a wide range of sightseeing opportunities with its majestic structures and mosques.

Putra Mosque:

3Putra Mosque is one of the beautifully designed mosques with its architecture. This mosque has domes coloured with pink on top of it. It looks extraordinary on the day under the sunlight. Everyone can visit the mosque during non-muslim hours. If properly not attired, you can take the robes for free at the mosque left side before entering. The looks of inside the mosques are well-decorated domes and religious. It is located on the edge of  Putrajaya lake which holds around 10000 people.

Perdana Putra:

6Prime minister’s office is located in this building Perdana Putra. Even though it included you cannot enter this place. You can take good pictures from the outside of this building. It is located beside the Putra Mosque. You can visit this both places at a time while you are in this place. This building consists of a six-storey building with its brimming architecture and a green onion-shaped dome roof. Right infront of Perdana Putra is Putrajaya’s ceremonial centre (Dataran Putra) where all the flags of comprising states in Malaysia are located in the centrepiece. This place is the landmark of photography for Perdana Putra.

Putrajaya Lake & Bridges:

4Putrajaya Lake and bridges are surrounded by the garden city with a wide variety of beautiful colossal architecture. Seri Wawasan and Seri Saujana are two bridges which are more attractive than any other bridges in Putrajaya for the tourists. These bridges are the architectural examples of Putrajaya construction and brilliance which offers a different view during day and night. At night the bridge is illuminated with changing coloured lights with its elegant look. Most people come here from miles to take the photographs of the bridges.

There are some other interesting places where you can visit are Putrajaya International Convention centre, Millenium Monument, Cruise Tasik Putrajaya, Wetland Park, Skyride festival park, IOI City Mall. The city view at night time is very beautiful than daytime.

How to Reach:

You can only choose bus or taxi by means of public transport. It would be very convenient if you have the car on your own.

  • You have to reach Pasar Seni LRT station in Kuala Lumpur and look for the direct RapidKL bus to Putrajaya.
  • If you are going through KLIA express, get down at Putrajaya station and take the bus to Putrajaya Mosque and other attractions you are going to visit.

You can check for the bus and train transport in the links here for further details. I would suggest going by car if possible so that you can see every place and attractions slowly. To slowly visit all these places will take one day completely unless you see only main attractions.





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