Jeram Janggut waterfalls in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

It’s truly an amazing time to spend here at this waterfalls. One hour 30-minute hike looks pale when you finally see the Jeram Janggut waterfalls. It is located near the village Kampung Langkap in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. It’s not a popular place, but the place is worth visiting when you are in Malaysia. Many local people don’t know about this place and not all the travellers visit this waterfalls which is deep in the forest and so beautiful.


This is truly an adventurous and exciting place to visit. With its clean and relatively untouched surroundings, the waterfall is ideal for a day trip to wilderness close to the forest. This may be a good time to visit, that it is less attractive to visitors who want to have fun and make your happy moments together with friends or family.

Follow Leftside tar road

Once you reach the Langkap village either you can walk, go by two wheelers or four wheeler Vehicle to half of the trail or full trail until you reach waterfalls. The road is very narrow and has limited space on the trail.

Huge trees are surrounding the waterfalls like all the nature is protecting that place from strangers. The atmosphere surrounding the waterfalls releases all your stress in your body and mind. It makes your environment peaceful with the natural sounds.

6You can go and stand below the waterfalls, it’s a little bit hard to stand below since the force of water is so heavy and pushing you down completely. The land below the waterfalls is a bit flat and not much deep at the waterfalls place so you can stand easily below falls, the water level is low in the area you are standing.

You can swim in the water easily, it’s not deep. For young people who want to have private time with friends can come and see this beautiful waterfalls and be amazed.

5Make sure to take insect repellent or leech protection, since its unavoidable because while you are walking automatically some leeches will stick to your body. It is not dangerous so make sure to avoid the insects while on the way.

Along the way, you will hear the water flowing sound continuously either from one direction or from both sides. Do not falter any sideway of the road go straight until you reach the destination. the trek to the waterfalls will take around minimum 2 hours and there are multiple ways while you are going so it will be a bit confusing. If you lost the way please check any bike tire or 4 wheeler vehicle trails that may lead to the correct way.

You can even camp near the waterfall place along with friends. You can do BBQ and other stuff for entertainment.


Do not throw anything plastic material or foods near the waterfalls, hence the place is very clean and good. Take good care of nature and protect the environment, it will take good care of us and protect us.

Don’t miss this beautiful waterfalls when you are in Malaysia, this is definitely a place worth visiting once in your lifetime. We don’t see many waterfalls in our life right, So live the life by exploring all kinds of places like waterfalls, beaches etc.

How to Reach:

You cannot reach this waterfall by bus or train. One needs to have car or taxi to reach this place at Kampung langkap.

Follow the Bridge at Village

Once you reach the village cross the bridge and follow the road for 15-20 min until you reach another bridge. After crossing the bridge take the left turn and follow the tar road until you reach the end of the road.

The road will be narrow and straight, It will take around 30 min to reach the end of the tar road. You can move in 4 wheeler or 2 wheeler. Mostly 2 wheeler vehicles can go to the waterfalls place directly. There is a limited parking facility make sure you ask the local people where to park the car.

Cross the bridge take a left turn and follow the road straight without turning anywhere until the tar road ends

I would suggest you walk from the village, it will be a good experience for the beginners and the people who don’t know about this place.

After a while walking straight through the dirt road you will cross a small bridge and reach the junction along with water trail. It will show two ways left side and right side. Take the left side and move 100 meters you will find the way to the right side and turn right which will take minimum 30-40 min to reach near the place to waterfalls. The place is a flat and slippery so its little bit hard to go up.

Take left side road down to waterfalls here

Once you move straight for 30-40 min you will find a way to down left side. Take a left turn and move towards down until you reach the waterfalls.

From Negeri Sembilan to Jeram Janggut waterfalls route in Google Maps





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