First International Couchsurfing Asean Couchcrash Event in Kuala Lumpur

One of the best things ever had in my life was when I joined the Couchsurfing. Recently,  there was a big Couchsurfing event happened in Malaysia which is named as CS Asian Couchcrash 2018 on February 10th and 11th. With around 120 people, the event held at Tadom Hill resorts from all over the countries gathered to celebrate and make it a success.


The event was organised by three well-known Ambassadors from the countries include Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

  1. Abbey – Malaysia
  2. DJ – Indonesia
  3. Ummar Hasim – Singapore.


This close-knit community of couchsurfers from these 3 countries has always been actively organising various events within their respective countries. For the first time in Couchsurfing, these three countries decided and held a cross-community event involving all Couchsurfing members from South-East Asia. The people from Couchsurfing headquarters Zareen and Gaby are also invited to attend this event and even they enjoyed thoroughly.

With CS Headquarter members-Zareen and gaby

Everyone is waiting for the event to gather and have fun. It’s time to exchange the diversity and culture among the Couchsurfing people and have a party together.

Its a 3-day Weekend starts off with evening sunset at Heli-lounge bar overlooking the city skyline and outlet. Everyone is gathered at the Heli-lounge bar for welcome drinks which followed by the night of supper and mingling with new friends from all the Couchsurfing people.

Heli Lounge Bar- Friday Evening CS Gathering

On the day of 10th February, everyone is supposed to gather at the Time Square mall to get on the bus to reach tadom hills. The bus was arranged by the organisers. we started the journey mixed along with all the community people.


Along the way to tadom resorts, the people from the Couchsurfing had a nice tour to Putrajaya with spectacular architectural buildings and locations like Putra Mosque, Perdana Putra, Seri Wawasan bridge, Putra bridge and Putrajaya International Convention centre including the interpretation of a guide. After the completion of the tour, everyone reached the place tadom resorts by 4pm.

At tadom resorts, once all the people reached the destination everyone gathered at the main hall. Camping tent was given to each person by the corresponding names and they assigned the number to it. Dinner was served to each person at the gathering hall.


The event started at evening 6pm with a gathering of all the Couchsurfing members introducing themselves to other people which includes some funny conversations from Indonesian people. From the Headquarters, Zareen and Gabby gave valuable tips and information from Couchsurfing. Even some of the Couchsurfing members had doubts and they explained it very patiently to all the questions asked by Couchsurfing community members. After the Introduction and exchanging sessions over, we went to tadom hills for the party gathering.

Fire Show

The organisers arranged some classical music and cultural shows from their own countries. The Fire dance was done by a girl from local which was carried out along with the music. She outperformed everyone for 15 min and made us enjoy her performance.

The event continued along with Dj music and bhangra dance from 10pm until morning 3am along with firecrackers.  Some people continued the whole night speaking with each other while having some indomie noodles.

Night Party

On the day of 11th February, starting Couchsurfing members had a breakfast at the gathering hall served by organisers. After the breakfast, we moved to orang asli village at banting by walking around 15 min. The village people showed us the way of living in olden days. For example How to hunt the animals by using blowgun with needles. They even performed some natural drumsticks and flute music form their tradition. We had a lunch along with the village people. The event was closed after this event and everyone went back to their own countries.


The beautiful things i have done and still doing was Couchsurfing. Through Couchsurfing learned many things from the local people around the countries. Couchsurfing gave me the opportunity and gave my life very valuable lessons and some beautiful experiences along with it. It filled my journey with stories, people from all over the countries and more than that i became friends with many people by defying the cultures of one another.

Do we need religions and cultures to make friends?… I don’t think it is necessary. we just need to believe in people and make friends around the world and peace with everyone to travel together.

Finally, whenever i go to some country for sure had a friend waiting for me to show the places in their city or country. I am sure you will definitely find a travel partner or real-life partner through Couchsurfing and make a lot of friends.

Thank you for the Pics from Andy Carlson and other Couchsurfing members who attended this event.


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