Chilling at Sungai Pisang (Banana) Waterfalls

Banana waterfalls! Isn’t the name funny?. That’s what I heard when people say the name of this waterfalls. Pisang waterfalls also have another name called banana waterfalls. I still wonder why it got the name like banana waterfalls. Local people say that the name came from the river of Sungai Pisang. In Malay language pisang means banana, that’s how locals refer to waterfalls.


This place is for both hiking and chilling at waterfalls for all the age group people. This is quite an easy trek, one of the popular one around Kuala Lumpur and it is good for one day trip.

This place is located alongside the Karak highway near to Kuala Lumpur, people won’t realize that there is a nice waterfall along the highway. It’s a splendid waterfall which is surrounded by lavish greenery. You can even camp near the waterfall area; make barbeque and campfire while listening to sound waves of droplets falling from the waterfalls. For nature lovers and campers like me, this is one of the popular places for waterfall and natural surroundings.

Huge Tunnel Way

The waterfall was a beautiful sight and you can even dip into the falls below. The water below the falls is too deep to stand unless you know swimming don’t go below the falls. If you are staying below the falls you can get water massage with the force of water. The water is so cool that once you come out of the water, to enter again you will shiver because of cool water and air around you. Before you reach the waterfalls along the way you will find the big tunnel which makes you feel like passing through the time portal and stepping into a different world.

If you go up a little further from waterfalls you can see a small fall with a deep pool. You will get a fish massage if you are onto it. The fish in the water in second pool want to tickle you that much. If you go further by following the water trail you can find more waterfalls, but people will stop at this two places maximum. Unless you know the way to more waterfalls don’t go any further it’s pretty dangerous.IMG_0471

There are some other activities which you can do at the waterfalls are abseiling and flying fox. While you are walking make sure to avoid the leeches.

Don’t miss this spectacular view of waterfalls you might miss one of the beautiful destinations in Malaysia. The places at waterfall surrounding areas are untouched by the people for its nature. It was pretty adventurous and fun to go along with friends.

Pisang river flow

You can even see the roots of trees on the surface of ground while trekking. There are some fallen trees in the middle of the way you can even get on top of the tree and walk on it.  It’s one of the spots for photography.

It’s a weekend getaway for those who are fond of nature, trekking and beautiful falls for its cooling water. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone for a weekend stay at banana waterfalls. These waterfalls are too tempting to resist if you plan to go there,

How to Reach:

Pisang waterfall is not far from KL. It will take around 40 min to reach the place waterfalls through trekking. For this nice waterfalls and trek first, you need to reach the place called The Alang’s in Gombak. I recommend coming to this place by car as of no public transport is available to this place. Once you reach the place, find the pump house beside the river line and cross the river at the water plant. You can see the path down to the river left side before the gate.


The trek starts from the house where you cross the river and heads up straight along with the riverside when following the trail until you reach highway below twin tunnels. The water level is up to ankle level only, you can cross it easily. Pass the tunnels through the water or by walking the ledges on sides and follow the river flow until you reach the waterfalls. It will take around 30-40 min to reach the waterfalls.

If you hike up beside the waterfalls and take a left turn, you will find a small pool for diving and swimming.




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