Virgin Beach Teluk Segadas, Pangkor island

Teluk Segadas beach also called virgin beach and It is located in south side of the island in Pulau Pangkor, Malaysia.

Most of the People don’t know much about this little beach and it is bit difficult to find.

Segadas Beach Views

There is no road to this place directly, you have to do 20min jungle trekking to reach this beach through hills. It’s a pleasant beach where you can come with your family or friends and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and spend time together.

In the Beach bay, the water is calm and not too deep, excellent for swimming and playing.

Local Malaysians mostly known this beach for campsite. You can camp there and stay for 2 days while enjoying the breeze coming from the jungle and sea.

IMG_E8387mThe View in night time is like looking at the stars while laying on the beach with clear clouds and no lights nearby make it looks beautiful. It is one of the beautiful campsite and beach in pangkor island.

There is no food and water available at the campsite or beach place. you have to bring your own food and water when you re coming to beach. Make sure food wont get stolen by monkeys. Even electronics wont’t stop from being stolen by monkeys. They are very aggressive and smart.

Don’t expect any facilities like restaurant or toilets. You can find the small local village type toilets. You can use water from the pipes near toilet area, water flows continuously from the pipes.

How to reach:

The beach place is far from Kuala Lumpur. Most convenient way to travel from Kuala Lumpur is by bus. The bus fares are around 27 ringgits. The Buses from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut leaves from TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). The arrival place in Lumut is at Lumut bus station which is just opposite to Lumut Jetty. The road journey takes around 4 hours to reach the place called Lumut jetty.

From Lumut Jetty take ferry to Pangkor island. The ticket cost will be around 10-15 ringgits. The ferry will stop at two places, make sure to stop at second place.

From ferry place to reach Segadas first, you have to take taxi or van to reach the place Teluk Gedung. The cheapest way to travel to Teluk Gedung is by pink colour taxi, if you are going with group or family.

DSC_0814Once you reach the Teluk Gedung, you will find the path to beach sign board showing “Teluk Gedung”. If you can’t find the signboard ask the villagers to show the way, they will help you the way to get Segadas beach.

You don’t need any guide to go Segadas beach, because the road is straightforward while trekking.

Starting from the Path Teluk Gedung going into hills leads to Segadas beach. In fact, it’s a short jungle trek around 15-20 minutes including a bit of climbing.

It’s not a difficult trek where you have to go through lush dense forest. There is small hill in middle of trekking where you can climb easily before reaching the beach. Watch out for leeches while walking in dense forest sometimes they may suddenly have struck in your body sucking blood.

If you walk straight through the forest you will reach Segadas beach……………………………….

There it is ……My Beautiful Beach.


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